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National Security Cyberspace Institute, Inc. (NSCI) provides Cyber, Command and Control (C2), and Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) capability analysis, innovation / experimentation, maturation, and transition services to government and Industry clients. Our goal is to improve national defense cyber, C2, and ISR capabilities. NSCI activities encompass operational and science and technology (S&T) requirements and capability gap analysis, innovation and experimentation, and project management.

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NSCI Services

  • Capability Maturation
  • Technology Discovery / Transition
  • Concept Development
  • Education
  • Research

Bold Solutions

  • Improve Cyber, Command and Control (C2), and Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) national defense capabilities
  • Increase Cyber, C2, and ISR government, industry, and academia collaboration and cooperation

Since its founding in October 2008, NSCI has become an industry leader in operational and technical analysis of concepts, capabilities and emerging technologies; innovation / experimentation; technology transition services; and government-industry collaboration and teaming. With broad- based expertise In C4ISR systems and processes, we are constantly seeking opportunities to team and collaborate with other organizations – from industry to government to academia – in pursuing capability maturation and transition that improves national defense capabilities in a timely manner.

– Larry McKee, NSCI President

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