National Security Cyberspace Institute




Education Services

Our support to both USSTRATCOM and Air Combat Command includes open-source research and analysis of policy, doctrine, requirements, solutions, and emerging concepts and technologies. This includes data mining and research of news articles and events reported in national and local newspapers, news wires, internet publications, magazines, journals, and specialty press. This research focuses on defense-related issues involving Congress, Joint Forces, interagency organizations, the private sector, and/or international activities. Examples of these topics include capabilities and requirements, concepts, experimentation and innovation, interoperability and integration, planning and programming, and other operational/warfighting issues.

From this research, we select items that might be of interest to personnel in leadership positions throughout DoD. We then distribute the articles and opinion pieces via a "smart push" of the information. Specifically, our mailing lists are tailored in such a way that specific topics or DOTMLPF categories are targeted towards specific portions of our overall readership. We provide the articles to these targeted distribution lists and include a hyperlink providing the reader with easy access to the entire source document.

NSCI enhances public and private cyberspace awareness through education, including the harvesting and sharing of cyber-related information via our biweekly publication, CyberPro. This electronic newsletter reaches thousands of industry, government, and academic recipients, including hundreds of military flag officers and congressional representatives and staff. An interesting feature of CyberPro is our "Senior Leader Perspective" section, whereby we publish interviews with senior leaders in cyber-related positions within the military, government, industry, and academia. We also include a comprehensive list of upcoming cyber, information technology, and information operations conferences.

We believe that by providing this information, the NSCI team is providing increased situational awareness and education to senior leaders throughout government, industry, and academia – both national and international – and thus contributing to a better-informed decision-making process.