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Concept Development



Concept Development

NSCI actively engages in cyber-related concepts development in support of various DoD organizations. We developed the concept and delivered an outline for the "Commanders Handbook for Cyberspace Operations," a document that will ensure commanders at all levels have a desk reference for information related to integrating cyber into air, land, maritime, and space operations. Employing our concept and outline, U.S. Joint Forces Command’s Joint Concepts Development and Experimentation directorate (USJFCOM/J9) began developing the handbook for distribution to the Services and Combatant Commands.

NSCI also drafted a Cyberspace Planning Joint Enabling Capability concept and delivered it to the U.S. Strategic Command Director of Capability and Resource Integration (USSTRATCOM/J8). This concept enhances the ability of regional COCOMs to respond to crises that require cyberspace planning, execution, and assessment activities. USSTRATCOM and USFJCOM initiated collaboration on how to implement the concept and provide a cyberspace planning capability to COCOMs in need of "surge" support.

NSCI also played a key role in coordinating a combined effort for cyber-related concept development, collaboration, and experimentation among USSTRATCOM, USJFCOM, and the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University, a think tank that examines international norms, legal issues, and the proper role of government in balancing the need to secure the internet while protecting individual privacy rights. The Department of State has since expressed an interest in follow-on collaboration with the Berkman Center.

NSCI has also researched and published numerous cyber-related concept papers.