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Job Description:

Title / Position:
Cyber SME
Job Description:
Provide advice on various cyber issues affecting global Cyberspace mission. The SME will utilize knowledge of computer network operations, National Military Strategy for Cyberspace Operations, and Client's Command Plans to leverage academia, industry, and other US Government partners to analyze problems, and help generate Courses of action (COAs) in response to customer-provided problem sets for the Cyber Line of Operation. The SME will conduct open-source and classified research in support of cyber taskings as well as to maintain situational awareness for current and future projects. Provide technical and subject matter expertise for project development, conference support such as cyber symposium and cyber limited objectives experiment. Provide expert guidance on issues related computer network operations, policy development, and analysis, to include associated authorities, organizations, and responsibilities at COCOM and national levels. Author and review point papers, presentations and reports. Interact with operations, planning and intelligence personnel on COCOM headquarters staff in addition to personnel from USSTRATCOM Joint Functional Component Commands (JFCCs) in the process of collecting data and to stay apprised of and leverage cyber activities. Participate in outside Communities of Interest (COIs) to advance professional networking and continue to develop expertise with respect to new and emerging trends and technologies with respect to implications on the cyberspace domain.
Requirements / Skills:
Travel to private sector and academic conferences, seminars, and workshops will be required.
Desired / Security:
Top Secret
Reference Number:
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