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Job Description:

Title / Position:
Cyber Manning IPT
Job Description:
Write a report that encapsulates efforts underway in a cyberspace manning IPT and related Limited Objective Experiments. The report will document ďas-is" manpower information as provided by all stakeholders, future objective end states for cyber manpower as developed during limited objective experiment, and course of action from services to move from current to future end states. This report will serve to influence resourcing via DOD Program Review for FY11. The report should cover the whole of cyberspace operations including attack, exploitation, defense, and network operations. The Cyber Manning IPT Report should be written to a level that the Force Support Functional Capabilities Board (FCB), Joint Capabilities Board (JCB), and ultimately Joint Requirements Oversight Committee (JROC) can make resourcing decisions based upon it. This will be the document the department uses to drive current and future investments in cyberspace manpower, cyberspace related training, cyberspace force presentation, and a host of other force related issues.
Requirements / Skills:
General cyberspace experience. Must have staff exerience in coordinating with Services and Combatant Commands (COCOM). Experience writing JROC-level documents and organizing / conducting IPT-type meetings.
Desired / Security:
Top Secret/SCI
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