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The CyberPro newsletter is published once every two weeks and distributed via email.  It is intended to increase cyberspace awareness and contains a summary of numerous open-source cyber-related news articles, with links to the complete articles.  In addition, we periodically publish question and answer interviews with key senior leaders and original articles from our subscribers. 

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The articles and information appearing in CyberPro are intended for educational purposes and to keep subscribers who are involved in the development of cyber-related concepts and initiatives informed on items of common interest.  The newsletter and the information contained therein are not intended to provide a competitive advantage for any commercial firm.  Any misuse or unauthorized use of the newsletter and its contents will result in removal from the distribution list and/or possible administrative, civil, and/or criminal actions. The views, opinions, and/or findings and recommendations contained in CyberPro are those of the authors and should not be construed as an official position, policy, or decision of the United States Government, U.S. Department of Defense, or National Security Cyberspace Institute.