National Security Cyberspace Institute, Inc.

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NSCI Overview

National Security Cyberspace Institute, Inc. (NSCI) provides Cyberspace education, research and analysis services to government, industry, and academic clients aiming to increase Cyberspace awareness, interest, knowledge, and/or capabilities. NSCI activities encompass Cyberspace technological, informational, and human elements in support of Federal, State and local government, industry, and academia. NSCI conducts and facilitates world-class Cyberspace education and research through the definition, instruction, integration, employment, and analysis of Cyberspace strategy, policy, concepts, capabilities, tactics, and acquisitions. NSCI also frequently advises government agents regarding cyberspace strategy, policy, concepts, and capabilities. NSCI efforts contribute to increased cyberspace capabilities while also facilitating a full and open dialogue with the American people and international partners. Our dedicated teams comprise employees, subcontractors, and collaborators from other organizations with a variety of interests. These multidisciplinary teams work directly with government agencies, academia, and industry to deliver high-impact research, analysis and education to our clients.

Specific NSCI goals include:
  • Improve Cyberspace awareness, interest, knowledge, and capability
  • Educate and develop Cyberspace professionals
  • Increase Cyberspace collaboration and cooperation
  • Encourage the professional expression of diverse perspectives

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